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Palacios »Quiñón de Valmira« 2016 2016 Rotwein ...
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Dieser Top-Rioja aus Garnacha Tinta wird inzwischen unter der Federführung von Álvaro Palacios gekeltert. Der kleine Rebberg von 3 Hektar nahe Alfaro (Rioja) wurde mit alten Garnacha-Reben aufgestockt und der Wein wird von Jahr zu Jahr besser. Luis Gutiérrez von Robert Parker’s WineAdvocat hatte bereits das Glück, den Wein als Fassprobe kurz vor der Abfüllung verkosten zu können und vergab 96-98 Parker Punkte : „I had the chance to preview the 2016 Quiñón de Valmira, a wine that can seem perplexing during the élevage, as it's very pale and ethereal, but it has incredible power and depth, even if the sample was a bit shaky. There is great harmony and elegance here, with very good freshness. Even if it feels light on the palate, it seems to have more clout, concentration, power and acidity than the 2015, like it wants to go one step further. It's not very clear yet, but I believe this is a better wine than the 2015. This should be bottled around February 2018; I tasted a sample from an oval oak cask. There will be some 2,400 bottles of this. I also saw a very raw sample of 2017, from an atypical year of extreme heat and drought, and the wine had a lot more color, extract and concentration. We'll have to wait and see if this ends up being the great wine produced from Valmira. There will be a bit more wine in 2017.“ (Feb. 2018)

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